How to Setup Linksys N600 PRO RE4100W extender?

Linksys N600 PRO (RE4100W) Setup

Area covered is up to 7,500 Square Feet
With the Linksys N600 PRO Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE4100W), The WiFi range can be easily increased up-to 7,000 square feet. You just need to plug-in the extender halfway between your router and the place where you need Internet.

Streaming Music with Extender
The Linksys RE4100W supports an audio jack on the back, with the help of which you can connect speakers and stream music through your smart phone or computer.

Two Bands for fast speed
The dual bands provided are to maintain high speed Internet Speed throughout. It can provide Internet Speed up-to 300Mbps.
Setup Linksys RE4100W extender

Setup RE4100W
You need to have Wireless (SSID) of your main router network and also the WiFi password before you start the Setup of Linksys RE4100W.

  • Firstly, Plug-in the RE4100W extender to a power outlet.
    NOTE:- You should Plug-in the Extender in Power outlet, never plug it in an extension board.
  • Now go to the WiFi list on your desktop or laptop or cell phone and look for “linksys extender setup”.
  • Once you see the Linksys Extender Setup, click that network and hit join.
  • Now you need to open a browser like (google chrome, firefox, safari, etc).
  • In the URL of your browser you need to type or or
  • If prompted for username and password, leave the username field blank and type “admin” in the password and hit login.
  • Now it will scan for all the available networks you will have to select you main WiFi network name there and type-in the password.
  • You just need to follow the on screen instructions in order to connect your extender to router network.
  • In case you want to update the firmware of your Extender click here.
  • For Better performance place the extender away from large appliances.

How to Setup Linksys RE6700 Extender?

Understanding Linksys RE6700 Extender Setup

Linksys RE6700 AC1200 extender setup
Extender Linksys Setup RE6700 AC1200

With the AC1200 MAX Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE6700), you can easily expand the range of your existing wireless router. Simply plug the device into a standard wall outlet where you need stronger Internet connectivity. For example, an upstairs bedroom or office or another remote area of your home. It is equally important to understand that RE6700 repeats the signal from the router and redistributes it to reduce wireless dead spots. In short, it doesn’t create its own signal. Let’s start the Linksys RE6700 Extender Setup.

Linksys RE6700 Extender Setup:-

1) Firstly, Plug the Linksys RE6700 Extender to an outlet CLOSE to the modem/router Once you set it up you can move it to the best range extending location.

2) Once it’s plugged in, you have to wait for the flashing light on the front to change color and flash orange.

3) Now that you have an orange blinking light, get on your computer’s WiFi and connect to, the Linksys Extender Setup signal. After your computer connects to the Linksys extender.

4) Open a web browser.

NOTE:-In case the default Linksys Extender Setup name does not show up Try Reset The Linksys Extender.

5) Click here to setup Linksys RE6700 Extender or type in the address bar.

6) Now you’re in the Linksys extender setup application. Just follow the instructions provided. The Linksys extender will find the available networks to join. Similarly, select to join your network from the list of available networks put in your password and Hit NEXT. Moreover, Once the Extender joins your network the software will finally, tell you the installation is complete, as well as the front light of the unit, will turn to solid green.

7) Lastly, you can unplug the Linksys RE6700 extender and move it around your house. Just plug the extender into a wall outlet and the extender now will automatically log onto your network. Now you’re ready to log onto it. The Setup application works really well.

Finally, we got to know that it is a really useful piece of hardware and once you understand what you have to do, installing this extender is really quick and easy.