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Setup Linksys Wi-Fi extender

Setup Linksys Wi-Fi extender
August 14, 2020 No Comments Linksys Extender Setup Salina Smith

In this Article we discuss about Setup of Linksys Wi-Fi extenderLinksys. So,Wi-Fi Extender is unyielding Wi-Fi for all home appliances. Here, we will learn how to setup Linksys Extender. To configure the Linksys extender, the very first step you need to access the setup page of Extender Linksys. But first, you need to know that or Extender.linksys.setup is offline pages and cannot be accessed in the online form. The default URL for the setup of Linksys extender is Once you connect to the extender correctly it will suggest you reach the setup page. After that start with the configuring process of Wi-Fi extender.

Steps for to Setup Linksys Wi-Fi extender

  • Plug your Linksys Extender to the working power socket.
  • Open any updated browser in your system that is a computer, mobile phone etc. and enter the default address of Linksys Wi-Fi extender in the address bar.
  • In case you don’t reach the Linksys setup page then switch your browser.
  • Select one option amongst Hit range extender or access point as per your requirement. 
  • Sometimes you will find that page turns off but nothing to worry you only need to refresh the browser.
  • Follow the step by step information on the page and complete the Linksys Extender setup process.
  • Once the setup process finished then the or extender.linksys.setup page will terminate automatically.
  • With the help of spot finder, you will get supreme signal strength and fast internet.
Setup Linksys Wi-Fi extender
Setup Linksys Wi-Fi extender

How to open Extender Linksys Setup Page?

With the help of any WPS compatible router or with Linksys extender setup offline page you can do the Linksys Extender setup. 

Steps are as follows:

  1. You need to figure out the WPS button which is usually at the back of the router. (Depends on the type of router)
  2. Press the WPS button at least for 2 minutes until the WPS light gets bright.
  3. WPS light solid means the connection between the router and the Linksys extender is complete.

How to setup Linksys Extender as an access point?

First, we need to know something about the access point. Basically, it is a process under which Linksys Extender setup as a router. In simple words, we can set up multiple Linksys Extenders on this.

  • Initial you need to check out the slider button on the Wi-Fi range extender, either it is on the side marked as an extender or towards the side marked as an access point.
  • We are doing the setup as an access point so it is obligatory to be towards an access point side.
  • Connect your Linksys extender to router’s Lan port via hardwire.
  • Login to your Linksys extender setup page and you can do it in two ways. First, by typing default IP address or you can type Linksys Extender setup in your browser.
  • Now just follow the step by step procedure and by doing so your extender will be set up as Linksys setup access point.

 NoteOne can connect the number of Linksys Extender on a single router or network.

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