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How to Reset Linksys Velop system?

How to Reset Linksys Velop system?
October 9, 2019 1 Comment Linksys.Extender.Setup Troubleshooting Salina Smith

Restore factory defaults of Velop
Resetting your velop system and re-configuring it again is very disruptive. A factory reset restores your Velop system to the state it was when you took it out of its box, requiring you to go through the setup process again. All settings you have customized in setup and since things such as Wi-Fi name, passwords, security type will be erased. Once you Reset linksys Velop system all wireless devices will disconnect from your
To reset Velop:

With your node connected to power and turned on, press and hold the Reset button on the bottom. The light on top of the node will turn red and fade in pulses. Do not release the button until the light goes out and then turns bright red. Red light means process for Reset linksys velop system successful.
If you don’t know how to setup Linksys velop whole home wifi just download the Linksys app from the Play Store (Android) or Apps Store(Apple). For the Linksys velop advanced settings you can navigate to the settings option.

Reset Linksys Velop system
Reset hole

Note—If you have more than one node in your Velop system, you might need to reset them all to factory default settings. You can do that by resetting the main node; all other nodes will reset automatically.

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    I tried to reset with the button but light is still blue solid


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