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How to setup Linksys Router through Ethernet cable?

How to setup Linksys Router through Ethernet cable?
April 30, 2019 No Comments Linksys Router Setup Salina Smith

Linksys Router can be setup either with the help of Installation CD or by manually configuring Linksys Routers Settings. Before starting the Linksys Router setup Process make sure you have an Internet connection in your Modem. You can check that by connecting your modem with an ethernet cable to your computer and then try to go online. IMP: In order to the setup used Linksys Router, first reset it by pressing the factory reset button for 10 seconds.

Steps to be followed:-

  • Connect the Cable from modem to the back of Linksys router’s WAN port. (WAN is always different from other 4 ports)
  • Join Ethernet from your computer to any of the Linksys router’s LAN port. In case you have a WiFi-equipped computer, you will still need it to connect with Ethernet
  • Now plug in Linksys Router to the power outlet.
  • Login into routers setup page by typing (extender.linksys.setup / or in the address bar) of your browser.
  • It will now prompt you for Username and Password. Leave Username tab blank and type “admin” in the password’s tab.
  • Once logged in click on the Setup tab and then click MAC Address Clone.
Setup Linksys Router
Setup Linksys Router

IMP: A Media Access Control (MAC) Address will allow your Internet Service Provider to recognize the router as the computer with the registered MAC Address.

  • click on Clone My PC’s MAC.
  • This will enable your Internet status and you will be good to go.

NOTE: DHCP should be you Internet Connection Type.

  • To Check internet status, firstly check your Internet IP Address. Numbers on the field means that the router has been configured. Otherwise, Click on RELEASE IP and RENEW IP.
Linksys Release Renew IP
Linksys Router Setup, Release Renew IP
  • Your Linksys router will start providing internet now.
  • In case it does not, Power cycles your modem, Linksys router, and computer.
    First, turn off modem then the Linksys router and lastly your computer. Wait for around 60 seconds and turn on the Modem first. Now, wait till all the lights on the modem lit. Now, turn on the Router and let it boot up properly and wait till all the lights are up on this one too. Lastly, at the very end turn on the computer and try to go online. Make sure your Ethernet is still connected from router to computer or if your computer supports WiFi try connecting it to your Linksys router’s SSID wirelessly.
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