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How to Setup Linksys RE6800 Extender as WiFi Range Extender?

How to Setup Linksys RE6800 Extender as WiFi Range Extender?
August 25, 2019 No Comments Linksys.Extender.Setup Troubleshooting Salina Smith

Setting up the Linksys RE6800 AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender to Range Extender mode

Linksys RE6800 can be Setup using Setup Wizard, Wps, or Manual. We will setup this extender through setup wizard in this article. First of all make sure you have configured router, it’s SSID and it’s password.

linksys re6800 setup
RE6800 Linksys Extender Setup


  • Plug in your linksys re6800 extender close to your router into a power outlet.
  • Once the light turns to solid amber that means that the extender is ready for Setup.
  • Now grab any of your WiFi device like computer or cell phone and turn on WiFi on it.
  • In your WiFi list you need to connect your device to linksys default name i.e. Linksys Extender Setup-XXX (where XXX represents the last three digits of your range extender’s MAC address.
    IMP:- You can find the MAC address of your device on the back of your extender.
  • Open a browser like (Google, firefox, Safari, Etc) and in the Address bar or URL type or or
    NOTE:- In case or doesn’t work try resetting the extender.
  • It will direct you to linksys Extender Setup page, tick the box which says “I accept the end user license agreement.
  • In order to protect your extender it will ask you to create a administration password.
  • Next it will ask you “how you would like to Setup your range extender as Access point or as a extender”.
  • After this it will scan all the available networks in your area, you need to select your main WiFi Network among them and type the password.
  • The Setup page will then show you how your Extender will show up in your WiFi list.
  • Around 60 seconds is what it takes for extender to get connected to your router.
  • The Spot Finder will show you the best place to plug in your linksys re6800.
  • Place this extender away from large appliances for optimum speed.
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