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How to Setup Linksys RE3000W Extender?

How to Setup Linksys RE3000W Extender?
May 26, 2019 No Comments Linksys.Extender.Setup Troubleshooting Salina Smith

Linksys RE3000W Extender extends the range of your internet and eliminates dead spots. The RE3000W should be plugged into a power outlet to extend wireless internet connectivity to the far reaches place of your home and office. It can provide you a range up to 5000 square feet. The Linksys RE3000W has a single wireless band of 2.4GHz & can speed up to 300 Mbps to extend your Wi-Fi and also it has one ethernet port that allows you to establish a wired connection to a laptop or desktop. extender.linksys.setup
RE3000W Linksys Setup

Universal compatibility

The Linksys RE3000W Extender is compatible with any wifi router or gateway. It is a very simple device to connect to your current wireless network at the same time it also boosts up the internet signals to your wifi dead zone devices.

Ethernet port for easy setup

Linksys RE3000W Ethernet setup
Linksys RE3000W Setup through Ethernet
  1. Firstly, Plug in the wifi range extender to the power outlet.
  2. Connect an ethernet cable in between your extender and router.
  3. Once the light will turn to solid green then connect to the wifi network (default name LINKSYS EXTENDER SETUP).
  4. In the address bar type “Extender.Linksys.setup or Extender.Linksys.Com” or (follow steps in Quick Installation Guide)
  5. Moreover, Once the screen appears, click Start then click on I agree.
  6. Select your wireless name and SSID
  7. Lastly, Enter the password of your wireless network Then, click Next to connect to your network

After successfully connecting you will see a confirmation message saying,
Your Linksys extender is now Setup

Note: Once your Linksys RE3000W is configured to your network, it will obtain an IP Address from your existing DHCP server.

Click Here to download Linksys App for Android || for IOS.

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