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Extender.linksys.setup or

Extender.linksys.setup or
June 6, 2019 No Comments Linksys.Extender.Setup Troubleshooting Salina Smith


Linksys extender setup can be done in a number of ways. We need to understand the basic principle of Extender Installation. First and foremost we need to take care of the fact that Extender is in its factory reset mode. Which means it should be showing up in your Wi-Fi list as “Linksys Extender Setup“. Now if you talk about any brand whether it is Linksys, TP-Link, Netgear, etc they all share common Installation process. They just vary in their default IP addresses or their offline setup page.

extender.linksys.setup extender.linksys.setup

Some of the common default IP addresses for Extender Setup are:- (Linksys) (Netgear) (TP-Link)

Also if we try to understand the basic Installation of Extenders then, the first thing we have to understand is that they are Setup through offline pages. That means you don’t need an internet connection while setting them up. This goes with every brand of Range Extenders that are available in the market. For example, extender.linksys.setup or are offline pages for Linksys Extender Setup. Which means we don’t need internet access while we try to Setup Linksys Extender through extender.linksys.setup or
So, that’s the most common error we do while we try setting up our Linksys Extender. We always try to straightaway type in the Linksys offline Setup page in the URL while we are still online. What we need to do first is connect our computer, laptop or cell phone to the Linksys Extender Setup in our Wi-Fi list. Once, we do that after that we need to open a browser on our respective devices and then in the URL we simply need to type extender.linksys.setup or Once, we are in the Linksys offline setup page it will ask you how you would like to use this Extender as an “Access point” or as “Range Extender”. 


ACCESS POINT:- Access point means we will need to hardwire this Linksys Extender with an ethernet cable to the Router always. So if you are okay with an ethernet cable running from your router to the place where you need to plugin this extender that can be around 25 to 30 feet. Then you can go for this option. In Access Point Setup your Linksys extender will work as the router itself That means you will be able to Setup a New Linksys Extender to it. (paste the link here on how to setup extender as an Access point)

Range Extender:- In this Linksys Extender Setup method we use Linksys extender to wirelessly enhance WiFi signal. We just need to Configure the Extender and then unplug it and place it to the place where we need a WiFi signal. We dont need any ethernet cable for this setup. Once the extender is configured we don’t require ethernet cable because it works wirelessly.
(paste the link here on how to setup extender as a range extender).

* Trouble Accessing extender.linksys.setup or offline pages?

A number of times even when we follow the instructions step by step we can’t really configure our Linksys Extender.
So, we need to understand the cause and solution for that. The most common reason can be since you are not connected to the Linksys Extender Setup in your WiFi list. Also even if you Hardwire your Linksys Extender to the Router or computer/Laptop then also you can access these offline pages.
Or sometimes you are not typing the extender.linksys.setup or in the URL. This is a very important step you need to make sure that you type these addresses in the URL.

NOTE:- If you type Setup Link address in the search bar then you might not land on the right page.

Even after connecting your computer to Linksys extender setup and typing the offline page address in the URL you still can’t access the Linksys Setup page then try changing the browser.
If still, you can’t access these pages, the best option will be resetting the Linksys Extender. You can reset the extender by placing a (needle, paperclip, toothpick) inside factory reset hole of the extender for around 10 seconds while the extender is still plugged in the wall. After 10 seconds take the paperclip out and wait for another 60 seconds till the Linksys extender boots.
Once you get lights back again on the extender try connecting the Computer to the Linksys Extender Setup in the WiFi list. Now open a browser and type the Linksys offline setup link in the URL.


While you Setup your range extender during the whole time you will be on the Linksys Offline page i.e. extender.linksys.setup or
You just need to follow the online screen instructions, while you Setup your extender. Once the Extender is Configured, you will have to open your WiFi list and connect your Laptop, computer or cell phone to the Newly Setup Extender. It will come up in your WiFi list as your home network and then _Ext at the end. For instance, if your SSID is ABCnetwork then your extender after setup will show up as ABCnetwork_Ext. Once you try to join this extended network it will ask you for the Router password. There you need to type in your main WiFi password or Router password as you call it. Once connected you will be able to surf the internet and do Speed test too.


You can check the speed of your extended network through After Linksys Extender is Setup you can unplug it and place it halfway between your router and your destination where u need WiFi signal. Spot Finder is also a tool useful for placing your extender at its optimal location. Always keep your extender firmware up to date. It will help in fixing bugs and security issues on your Range Extender. Now you should be good to go. In this article, you will find every useful information for Linksys Extender Setup. In case you need further assistance feel free to contact our customer support team.

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