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What do the lights mean on Linksys extender?

In this article we will discuss with you what do the lights mean on Linksys extender?

I. Status light- In this, there is three status lights for your Range Extender. #

  1. Firstly, Main Light- This is the light directly on the top front of your Range Extender.
  2. Secondly about, OFF- It means the Range Extender isn’t getting power. And is turned off.
  3. Solid Green: – It refers turned on, with good signal strength.
  4. Blinking Green- Booting up or updating firmware.
  5. Blinking Orange –It implies ready for setup or not connected.
  6. Finally, Solid Orange – Solid orange light indicates the weak signal from your router to the Range Extender. Move the Range Extender closer to the router.
What do the lights mean on Linksys extender
What do the lights mean on Linksys extender

II. Moreover WPS Light – The WPS light is on the side of the Range Extender #

  1. Solid Orange – In it Range Extender is trying to create a WPS connection to your Router.
  2. Off – It means the WPS wasn’t able to connect.

III. Furthermore Ethernet Ports #

In it each Ethernet port on the back of your Range Extender has a small light.

Off- It implies no cable is connected, or the device can’t be found over the Ethernet cable.

Solid Green- Solid green light means the connection to the other device is good.

Then, Blinking Green- It indicates the data is going over the connection.

Data is going over the connection.

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