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Unable to connect to Linksys Extender

In this article we will discuss with you unable to connect your Linksys extender. We have the easiest way to solve this issue. We will provide you the steps that you need to follow very carefully.

About Linksys Extender #

Wi-Fi range extenders are the good solution for weak signals at your house. Linksys is the leading manufacturers of wireless extenders that are not simple to setup even also simply to maintain.

Linksys Wi-Fi range extender repeats the wireless signal of any router or access points and gives the internet connectivity.

Unable to connect to Linksys Extender
Unable to connect to Linksys Extender

Some steps to follow #

The solution of this issue is to shift the position of your Linksys range extender. Here are some points you have to take care of while placing your extender.

  1. During the setup process, spot the extender as well as router in the similar room.
  2. You have to avoid the obstruction in the path of extender’s Wi-Fi signals.
  3. And do not keep the extender and router closer to the electronic devices because these may cause signal interference.
  4. Also try to avoid placing your Linksys Wi-Fi range extender metal object as well as reflexive surfaces like mirrors and glasses.
  5. Furthermore, position the extender far away from concrete walls and corners.

Thus, you can solve        this issue very easily

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