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How to remove existing Network during Linksys Extender setup?

How to remove existing Network while Linksys setup? We all want when we begin to setup the Linksys extender; we wish to remove the existing networks. But the problem is we don’t know how to do it. So not to worry we have the best solution for this issue. Firstly we need to understand reason to remove the network.

How to remove existing Network during Linksys Extender setup
remove existing Network during Linksys Extender setup

As per the study when we setup net device to our network or when we change our router we need to forget the existing network names. So in this article we will teach you the simple way to forget the wireless network profiles.

Deleting Existing Networ Profile to remove from Linksys setup #

So let’s start by follow the beneath steps to forget the existing network profile: #

Firstly you need to click Start and then Control Panel. #

Here Select Network and Internet. #

After that click Network and Sharing Center #

  • Now go to task list and here you have to choose Manage wireless networks
  • .
  • Further go to Network table, here select the existing profiles and click to Remove.
  • Here may be you will see a warning dialog box and  simply click OK
  • Then go back to Network and Sharing Center and you need to choose Change adapter settings > right click Wireless Network Connection > click Connect/Disconnect.
  • Finally, you have to Click refresh button to see available wireless networks.
  • Select the network which you wish to connect and double click on it or click Connect button.

This is the simplest way to solve this issue. We hope this article helped you to solve this issue.

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