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How to connect iPhone to Linksys Router?

Wonder How to connect iPhone to Linksys Router? Most of you have iOS device and got worried how they will connect the Linksys router with the devices. Don’t worry we are here to help you with this issue. The iOS device is developed to optimized media entertainment, gaming, and effortless communication.  Also provide you comfort via built-in Wi-Fi and touch screen features. So in this article we will teach you how to solve this issue.

When you use wireless connection, you will enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Effortless and faster communication
  • Optimized media entertainment
  • Convenience 
How to connect iPhone to Linksys Router
connect iPhone to Linksys Router

Connect iPhone to Linksys router #

Before connection, you need to take note of the following:

  1. Wi-Fi name
  2. Wireless security mode
  3. Security key (password / passphrase)

Once you done with notes, then follow the beneath steps:

  • Firstly grab your iPhone and then go to Home screen, click Settings icon.
  • Then go to Wi-Fi and make sure your Wi-Fi is turned ON.
  • Now click on the router’s network name from the list.
  • Here you need to enter router’s wireless security key or Password and click Join.  
    NOTE:  In case you have unsecured wireless network, then your iOS devices will automatically connected.
  • Finally your iPhone is now connected to your wireless network as shown by check mark behind the SSID.
  • In case you encounter with error message “Incorrect password”, then click on Dismiss and re-enter your password correctly.

    NOTE:  Wireless security key or password is case-sensitive.

This is the best way to connect your iPhone . We hope this article helped you to solve this issue.

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