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How to Setup Using
Extender.Linksys.Setup ?

Linksys Extender Setup can be done through offline page, or Extender.Linksys.Setup. But one has to understand that these pages and Extender.Linksys.Setup can’t be accessed in online mode. You can also Setup Linksys Extender using

Steps to be followed are:-

  • Firstly, Plug in your extender to power outlet.
  • Now for linksys extender setup, type or extender.linksys.setup in the address bar.
  • If the Linksys setup page doesnt come up, change the browser.
  • On the Linksys extender setup page it will ask you how you would like to configure Linksys Extender.
  • Hit Range extender option or Access point according to your need.
  • or Extender.linksys.setup page sometimes goes off in between, for that refresh the browser.
  • Follow the online instructions and your Linksys extender setup will be completed.
  • Lastly, After Setup Extender.linksys.setup or page will close automatically.
  • Plug the extender using the Spot finder so that you will get fast internet with maximum Signal Strength.

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Green light Indicates Connected

Amber light indicated far from the router OR not connected.

How to Open Extender Linksys Setup Page

You can do your Linksys Extender Setup with any WPS compatible Router or by going on Linksys Offline page ( linksys Extender setup or

  1. First of all Find the WPS button on the router (Depends on router to router), it’s on the back side of the Router.
  2. Secondly Press WPS on the router as well as within 2 minute press it on the Linksys Extender.
  3. As a result WPS light get solid on the successful Connection with the router and your Linksys extender setup is complete.
  4. Please make sure the WPS button was enables on the router setting.
NOTE:-  Moreover, For confirmation connect your Smartphone, computer or Tablet with the New WiFi ending with _EXT.

Furthermore if you face any issue during your Linksys Extender Setup you can call us on the Toll-Free number for assistance.

Click Here to watch Video of “How to Reset Linksys Extender“?


How to setup Linksys Extender as ACCESS POINT?

“Learn How to do a Linksys Extender Setup as an access point”.Firstly a quick intro about access point. It is a method in which your Linksys Extender Setup as a router which means we can setup multiple Linksys Extenders on this one.

 So, the steps are:-

  • First and foremost Check the slider button on the WiFi Range Extender itself, whether it is on side marked as EXTENDER or is towards the side marked as the ACCESS POINT.
  •  To set it up as an ACCESS POINT it is mandatory to be towards access point side.
  •  Hardwire your Linksys Extender directly to your router’s LAN port.
  •  Now you just have to login into your Linksys extenders setup page.
  •  You can do that by directly typing the “default IP address” i.e. or you can type Linksys Extender setup or on your browser into Address bar.
  •  Lastly,  follow the on screen instructions and your extender will be set up as an Linksys Setup ACCESS POINT.

How many Linksys Extenders can be setup on single Network/Router?

There is no limit on the number of Linksys extenders that can be setup on single Network. But there are few precautions you need to take, for instance if you Setup 5 Linksys Extenders on single network with same SSID it will surely cause IP Confliction. Which in its extreme stage results in DNS issues. So to avoid that follow these manual steps.

Steps To Be Followed:-

  • Firstly,  Configure the first Linksys Extender and make sure all the other Range Extenders are unplugged.Note :- (Click here to see how to set up Linksys extender )
  • Once the first Setup Of Linksys Extender is done properly unplug it and plug in the second one, Similarly complete the Linksys Extender setup for this one too and once it is configured unplug this one also and again repeat the process until every Linksys Extender setup is done. (Note:- the trick to be remembered is that we have to name each Linksys Extender with different SSID to avoid IP confliction. You will get the option to name them during installation process).
  • At last once done, place them anywhere you want.
Linksys Extender Setup RE4000W
  • Expand WiFi range up to 5000 feet
  • Ethernet port for wired connection
  • Technology: Wireless-N
  • Bands: 2.4 GHz single-band
  • OS compatibility: Windows and mac
  • 1 Fast Ethernet, C7 connector for localized AC cable or clip
Linksys RE6400 AC1200 BOOST EX Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup
Linksys RE6400 AC1200 BOOST EX Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup
  • up to 7500 square feet
  • Ethernet port for wired connection
  • Technology: Wireless-N
  • Simultaneous dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • OS compatibility: Windows and mac
  • Wi-Fi Speeds up to N300 + AC867 Mbps
Linksys RE7000 Range Extender Setup
  • up to 10,000 square feet
  • Ethernet port for wired connection
  • Technology: Wireless-N
  • Simultaneous dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • OS compatibility: Windows and mac

Extender.linksys.setup RE9000
Linksys RE9000 MU-MIMO WiFi Extender
  • Dedicated Backhaul for speeds up to 3X faster than Dual-Band range extenders
  • Next-Gen AC3000 WiFi speeds, MU-MIMO technology
  • Works with all WiFi routers
  • Easy setup with Spot Finder and Push Button Connect
  • OS compatibility: Windows and mac

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